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You get 37 actions with this bundle, all with adjustable layers. The majority are related to matte, but despite that, you still get a nice variety. Want to spice up your portraits? This bundle of 20 actions gives you a good batch of effects specifically for portraits. If most of your portraits feature women, then this bundle is for you. These actions can help make your dull images look sharper and more colorful. Some add intense color or sharpness, while others are subtler. Either way, if you want your photos to stand out, try experimenting these unique effects.

Mini Fusion.

Organizing Actions in Elements (PSE) by Paint the Moon Actions

HDR Action. Popper Action. Boldness Action. Faux HDR Action. High Definition Sharpening Actions. Ice Action. Intensity Action. The following actions are also in bundles, but with a cinematic theme. Each bundle focuses on getting the look of movies and TV shows, from westerns to sci-fi films.

Cinema Action. Cinematic FX Actions. Spoon Graphics Cinematic Actions. Want to give your photos a warm, relaxed atmosphere? Or are you looking for warmer tones to improve your portraits? Whatever your goal, you might find the following effects indispensable. Autumn Action. Desert Dust Action. Toasted Actions. Intense Warm. Warm Cider. Vintage Red Action. Orange Tones Action. Not all excellent photos are warm and cozy. Sometimes, to capture the true mood of a place or situation, you need cold tones and drama.

While you may not use these for everyday portraits, they can be perfect for nightmarish scenes and freezing winter days. Intensify Action.

18 Best Free Photoshop Actions

Cold Nightmare Action. Blue Evening Action. Winter Breeze Actions. Flowers, children, and adorable animals are all great subjects for softening and pastel effects. Soft Pastel Action. Pastel Actions. XXEP Action. A useful effect for any kind of image, retro or otherwise. This action is great for injecting a splash of purple in the darker tones of your image to give it a boost of color.

We find that it has a bit of a Lomography feel, but you can also tone it down to create wonderfully subtle effects. Black and white actions can be tricky, as you can often come away with either too much contrast or not enough. Luckily, this action strikes the perfect balance, creating a beautiful mono conversion that retains the mid-tone grays perfectly.

If you love capturing smoke bomb photos, then you'll certainly want to try out this action. This effect will give a subtle blue tint to your photo and a lovely softening effect to the scene. It also renders blacks as dark browns, giving some warmth to your shadows to contrast with the cold highlights. For big, bold colors that draw immediate attention to your photos, try Hipster Rev. These retro effects may be a little niche, but they're a great way to experiment with your own personal editing style. Ever wanted to turn your photos into comic-book like images?

If so, this cool and clever Photoshop Action is for you.

01. Desert Dust

A soft glow can often complete an image, and it's really easy to apply with this action. It combines a simple vignette with a touch of vibrancy for that titular dreamlike effect. We find that it works with most images. For monochrome enthusiasts, this set of black and white actions contains an interesting array of black and white filters for your images. From high to low contrast, this set of actions gives you ultimate control over your mono shots.

Free Photoshop Actions for CS, CC, & Elements - Morgan Burks

Complete with grainy texture, this lithograph action is great to recreate that classic printed effect - plus, it's really simple to apply. It doesn't take out too much detail from your image and we find that it works particularly well with scenic shots. Capture perfect double exposure photos without having to mess around with your camera settings on your shoots. This action enables you to create double exposures using different techniques in different intensities in just one simple click - a total time saver! A free sample from a set of 36 light leaks, this action enables you to add a stunning light leak effect to your images.

Mimic golden hour with this beautiful effect, or simply add a pop of color to your photo. If it's a lovely, subtle warmth that you're after, then look no further. This action is simple, strong and comes with a vignette to help draw immediate attention to your photo. Infrared photography is a great way to get experimental with your photography, but how do you edit those photos? Luckily, this Photoshop action helps to add contrast and hone the hues of your infrared photo.

Portraits suit high key edits particularly well, but it can be tricky to strike the right balance and prevent over-exposure. This action is a fantastic way to control your high key editing and have fun with your exposure. If you've been shooting on a cold, gloomy day, one of the best things you can do is emphasize the moody effect by desaturating colors and increasing shadows. This action is perfect for this, so give it a download and experiment with some moody and dramatic editing.

Black and white is great and all that, but the real beauty of monochrome lies in the grey, right? This desaturating action focuses on the grays and silvers of your image - as the name suggests - without washing out the contrast in the slightest. Yes, lots of the actions in this list promise to give you a retro finish, but only this one can frame your images in an Insta-like frame. Go Boom doesn't just boost color in your images; it liberally sprays them with every hue you can think of. With tints of blue, pink, yellow and green, this is the most technicolor light leak effect you'll find on the internet.

Sepia is a forgotten art, and this particular pack is great for splashing a rustic brown over your picture without it feeling too dreary and old-fashioned. We find that this is a top choice for architectural photos. Every portrait needs a little healing and brushing and this pack contains everything you need to make that as painless as possible in Photoshop.

These are based on the tools the professionals use, but the effects are completed in mere seconds. Don't worry, it's not just teeth that this action works well on.

Brighten up anything - buildings, dresses, even piano keys - and turn murky brown-tinted grays to stunning white in seconds. If you're looking for a summertime feeling but can't quite bear the brashness of a light leak, look no further. This action is warm and soft without the overbearing color effect. The name may suggest that this pack reeks of amateurism, but there are some extreme effects here that you can no doubt finesse further in Photoshop. Try some of these in your HDR images and reduce opacity for striking clarity There are various levels of effect too, depending on how severe you'd like the effect.

It's a juggling act to make skin glow without it losing any of its detail.

Free Photoshop Actions by FixThePhoto

This action toes the line perfectly and can be a great effect for portraits. The Lomography effect is quite popular among professional photographers, which help add a unique look and feel to outdoor and landscape photos. This free Photoshop action allows you to apply the same effect to your photos without a hassle. Instantly adjust light, contrast, and brightness of your outdoor landscape and nature photography using this free Photoshop action.

This pack comes with 2 different Photoshop actions that allow you to easily optimize your photos taken in outdoor environments. It automatically adjusts the contrast and toning to make your photos look more natural. This is a massive bundle of 50 free Photoshop actions.

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  2. Free High Definition Sharpening Photoshop Actions.
  3. Flickr: Discussing Actions to downloadFree! in Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE);

It includes various styles of actions for adding a summer-themed colorful effect to your photos. Even your photos taken during Winter will look like summer once you process them with this free PS action. This free Photoshop action lets you apply a unique film-inspired toning effect to your outdoor and landscape photos. Another bundle of free Photoshop actions featuring 50 different autumn-inspired effects. These actions are ideal for photos taken in outdoors and low light conditions.

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This free wedding-themed Photoshop action features an easy to use effect that optimizes your wedding photos for the best color and contrast ratio. This set of vintage Photoshop actions include 6 different effects featuring matte, HDR, and vintage styles that are perfect for improving wedding photos, fashion photos, portraits, and much more.

This is a collection of 20 useful Photoshop actions featuring various effects for enhancing and optimizing different types of wedding photos. It will help make your wedding photos look even more beautiful. This free Photoshop action is specially crafted for enhancing the tone and contrast of your wedding photos to make them much more beautiful. It includes 10 different filters that you can easily customize to your preference as well. Another great free Photoshop action for enhancing your wedding photos. It includes a unique toning effect that will make your photos look more vibrant with colors and style.

Give your portrait and landscape wedding photos a more authentic look and feel using this bundle of free Photoshop action. This pack includes 30 different actions that allow you to instantly create a stunning vintage toning effect. Creating an authentic black and white effect will be much easier when you have this free Photoshop action installed in Photoshop.

This action allows you to instantly create a stylish black and white effect without any effort. A set of 20 different black and white transformation effects you can use to optimize various styles of photos. This unique black and white Photoshop action auto-adjusts the contrast of your photos to make your landscape and outdoor photos look more amazing with a gritty look and feel. Create a unique vintage black and white effect using this free Photoshop action. It also creates the effect with adjustment layers, allowing you to edit the effect to your preference. It also includes a Lightroom preset version of the effect as well.