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The Deal Economy Series: Predictions & Perspectives November 20, | New York. The M&A market has survived the volatile environment of global and.
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Public companies are acutely aware of their public shareholder bases and can often spot activists amassing massive chunks of stock well before an insurgent comes knocking. Sophisticated insight to generate deal flow, improve client intelligence and enhance market knowledge. Actionable ideas and relationships. The Deal.

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I think The Deal is a unique tool. The information provided through The Daily Deal and The Deal is both timely and relevant to me in navigating the ever-changing transaction landscape.

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  • I do recommend The Deal to colleagues who are not using the service because it is a fantastic source of customized news, information and proprietary analysis. A few months later, it expanded its app to offer its million users not only food delivery and travel booking, but also financial and other services.

    In an age of distraction, the NBA holds people's attention. One reason: the year-old NBA 2K League, the first extension of pro sports into esports, which has 21 teams and games that stream on Twitch. Plenty of venerable media empires aspire to be players in the streaming wars. None is better positioned than Disney, which retooled its organization to deliver its own video services rather than license content to Netflix.

    While working on a PhD in astrophysics, Chris Moody used supercomputers to simulate how galaxies crash into each other.

    For his first nonacademic job, he joined Square as a data scientist in Moody was mystified. Soon he was pushing for a job. Sweetgreen's Koginut bowl launched last fall. Nine years after launching its credit-card-reading dongle for smartphones, Square continues to find ways to make payments less painful. In October, the company introduced Square Terminal: a single-screen card-reading device picture a smartphone resting on an angled white base that offers wireless connectivity, a touch screen, and receipt-printing capability.

    One of the buzziest food products of ? A milk alternative made of pulverized oats. Founded in , Swedish company Oatly was the first manufacturer to commercialize oat milk, but it was only after launching in the U. Once the domain of video-game aficionados, Twitch is now pulling in mainstream viewers with its vision for the future of live TV. Last fall, it reworked its IRL channel to promote subcategories for cooking, fitness, and talk shows. Target's two-year-old Project 62 furniture line, which includes the Copley Plastic Counter Stool, has given the company new momentum.

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    Another has lamps and tables, and yet another houses beakers of various dishwashing detergents. In , Shopify introduced one-click ordering—using any payment method—as well as chat-based commerce and AR tools to showcase large items like furniture. Early one morning in April , a series of horrific photos and videos began hitting Facebook and YouTube showing civilians in a rebel-held area of northern Syria writhing on the ground and gasping for oxygen as deadly sarin-based gas—which witnesses said was dropped from the sky by the Syrian government—filled their lungs.

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    They were stymied by Russia and its allies, who dismissed the visual evidence as staged. Video-game development company Unity Technologies is known for software that lets developers build 3D animations, in real time, at a fraction of traditional costs. Users pay Unity a flat subscription fee rather than a percentage of game revenues.

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    • In , the company expanded its 3D developer tool kit to a number of new industries, including architecture, film, and automotive. Mobile apps now allow consumers to trade stocks and crypto Robinhood , save money Acorns and Qapital , and make payments Venmo —and most have one thing in common: Plaid. Its technology, a suite of banking APIs, enables developers to connect new digital tools to legacy financial systems.

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      Airtable is a cloud-based workflow system that lets anyone—from intern to CEO—analyze data in a non-scary way. Subscription wine club Winc became one of the top wineries in the U. Shan-Lyn Ma and Nobu Nakaguchi, both Gilt Groupe alumni, had seen firsthand the things that can derail an e-commerce company, such as excessive inventory and a cumbersome returns process. More than , couples have since used the five-year-old service to create wedding websites, guest lists, and registries of products from more than brands.

      Last spring, a steel mill in a city east of Beijing began transforming carbon emissions into fuel, thanks to a first-of-its-kind bioreactor filled with microbes that eat waste gases and produce ethanol—as many as 16 million gallons a year at the mill. Jumio is the service that allows you to upload a photo ID and snap a selfie to verify your identity for a bank, WeWork, or Airbnb account instantly. In , the company launched a new AI lab, where researchers train algorithms to identify the fraud risk of an ID and automatically direct those that warrant further scrutiny to human reviewers.